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Court + Kith + Entitlement


Spring Court

Dawn Court


Changeling the Lost - Swords at Dawn: 136
The Mantle of a Dawn Courtier represents both the wisdom to see where and when change should be made and the strength and self-determination to act, regardless of the cost. Thus Dawn Mantles are sharp and jangling sensory experiences, carrying with them the feeling of alertness and potential action. This may manifest as the smell of ozone in the air, the crisp crackle of electricity or the feeling of impending change that is found when one season or time of day is about to give way to another. Dawn Mantles can sound like the sharp crack of breaking glass, eggshells or bones, or the disturbing yet vibrant echo of a newborn’s cries. They always carry with them the aura of impending transition, but not of capricious whim or senseless destruction.
The Mantles of many Courts clash when those of differing Courts are near to one another. A strongly Mantled Winter Courtier’s icy breeze may push away at a weaker Spring Courtier’s gentle gusts, or drop the temperature around a Summer Courtier’s wrathful flames. Dawn’s Mantles tend to warp those of other Courts when nearby. A Spring Courtier who is normally accompanied by a Mantle of classical music may find her tune changed to something more modern or upbeat, or a member of the Leaden Mirror find that his brightlycolored oak leaves have changed to maple or ash. These changes are always temporary, only existing when the Dawn Courtier is within five feet of another courtier’s Mantle, and they only come into effect when the Dawn Courtier’s Mantle is equal to or at a higher level to that of those she is near.
A member of the Dawn Court with Mantle •+ has begun to realize her potential for creating change in others. She receives the benefit of the Inspiring Merit at no cost. If she already has this merit, she can use its benefits twice in any given day (even on the same individuals). A character with Mantle •••+ is fortified when exerting her will to make significant change in the world around her. Once per day, she can focus her efforts and receive a +3 die bonus to any single instant action in a situation on which her efforts are focused, creating significant change. Whether a situation is applicable or not is left up to the Storyteller’s discretion. A character with Mantle ••••• benefits directly from her efforts to break others out of their stagnation. At any point she successfully spawns a significant change in another individual her Glamour pool completely refills. “Significant” change is left to the Storyteller’s discretion, but might include things like changing a character’s long-time views on a certain issue, recruiting someone into changing Courts, talking someone into (or out of) something they’ve decided their course of action on, etc.
See: Merits + Contract



Changeling the Lost: 109
Blessing: Elementals, touched as they are by the stuff of the world, are able to channel the forces and materials that define them into their bodies, giving them an uncanny ability to shrug off punishment. Once per day, the player can spend one point of Glamour to add the character’s Wyrd rating to his Health dots for the rest of the scene. These follow the normal rules for temporary Health dots (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 173).
Curse: The Elementals are further removed from humanity than other changelings, and find humans harder to understand and to influence. An Elemental doesn’t get the benefit of the 10 again rule on any dice pools involving the Manipulation Attribute and the Skills Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize.


Changeling the Lost: 110
The children of plants: Green Men, flower fairies, spirits of mandrake, rose, thorns and all manner of medicinal herbs, fair and foul. The Woodbloods’ blessing is the ability to Fade into the Foliage: in any outdoors area where there are plants growing from the earth (in a garden, for example, but not in a concrete yard with a couple of shrubs in pots), the character gains the benefit of the 9 again rule on dice pools involving Stealth and Survival. The player can also spend a point of Glamour to hide in a place where he couldn’t normally hide, making a Stealth roll as usual. There has to be a reasonable amount of foliage there. The character couldn’t hide using a small patch of moss or a single dandelion, but could use a flowerbed, a lawn or a sapling.


Black Bird Bishop

Changeling the Lost: 290
Titles: Blackbird Bishop (male and female)
Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Empathy 2


Aspersorium (••) CTL:292
The Aspersorium is a small, fist-sized container, appearing usually as a small pail or cup. Most such cups feature ornate filigree or scrollwork, and are generally made of metal (silver, brass, pewter), though a few are glass and are instead rimmed with metal ornamentation. The changeling puts any kind of water inside of the cup and whispers a few prayers offered to the weave and weft of Fate itself, asking for a moment of lucidity and perspective. The water, now “blessed,” can be flicked onto or sprinkled upon another character’s brow. Upon activation, the blessed water helps restore that person to some measure of sanity. If that person possesses any mild derangements, those derangements disappear for a single scene. If that person possesses any severe derangements, then those derangements downgrade to their mild counterparts (i.e., Paranoia becomes Suspicion) for the scene. The Aspersorium also grants the affected person +1 bonus to any Perception rolls he makes during the rest of the day (until he sleep)
Action: Instant
Drawback: The martyrs of the Bishopric believe that what this token grants to others is able to do so only because it draws it away from the Bishop who uses it. Upon using this, the Bishop suffers a –1 die penalty to any Perception rolls made on his behalf over the rest of the day — his eyes sometimes sting or tear up, and he may even feel a minor headache stirring behind them. This lingers until he gets at least four hours of sleep. This penalty is cumulative — if the Bishop blesses a motley of five changelings, the Perception penalty grows to a –5 modifier.
Catch: In addition to the drawback noted above, the character also takes on the target’s derangement (mild or severe, whatever is possessed) for the rest of the scene. If the token is used on a character who does not possess any derangements, then the user of the Aspersorium takes on one mild derangement of the Storyteller’s choice, which lasts for the scene.