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Bamboo Seeds

    A dozen packets of Bamboo Seeds (3 seeds each) mixed with fertilizer beads and potting soil warped in a lose cheese cloth. Inspired by those rice packets you throw at weddings. Bamboo Wiki: "They are capable of growing 60 cm (24 in.) or more per day" ... "Unlike trees, all bamboo have the potential to grow to full height and girth in a single growing season of 3–4 months"

"Thornius Maximus"

    A dozen packets of "Thornius Maximus" Seeds (3 seeds each) mixed with fertilizer beads and potting soil warped in a lose cheese cloth. Inspired by those rice packets you throw at weddings. Thornius Maximus Page: Razor wire like vine that grows up anything it can climb. "They will grow in anything that will allow them to climb. I wouldn’t recommend planting them if you plan on being anywhere near the fence. However if you are looking for a parameter control to keep people out, this stuff is like razor wire"

Colt 1911

    ARM:65 + 67
    Colt M1911A1 (.45 ACP): The iconic .45 ACP auto loader has been copied by hundreds of manufacturers since its 1911 introduction, and is the most produced firearm design in the world. This gun was the standard American military sidearm for most of the 20th century. Virtually any modification or refinement possible has been applied to an M1911A1 or a copy at some point, but many firearm enthusiasts regard the basic design as timeless perfection. Any shooting enthusiast will recognize the term “1911” as referring to a handgun built on this basic design, and 1911s are effectively a subcategory of the generic .45 ACP auto loader (above).


    You Owe Me - Small composition note book used to keep track of people who owe Goodie favors as a Bishop.

Aspersorium (••)

    The Aspersorium is a small, fist-sized container, appearing usually as a small pail or cup. Most such cups feature ornate filigree or scroll work, and are generally made of metal (silver, brass, pewter), though a few are glass and are instead rimmed with metal ornamentation. The changeling puts any kind of water inside of the cup and whispers a few prayers offered to the weave and weft of Fate itself, asking for a moment of lucidity and perspective. The water, now “blessed,” can be flicked onto or sprinkled upon another character’s brow. Upon activation, the blessed water helps restore that person to some measure of sanity. If that person possesses any mild derangements, those derangements disappear for a single scene. If that person possesses any severe derangements, then those derangements downgrade to their mild counterparts (i.e., Paranoia becomes Suspicion) for the scene. The Aspersorium also grants the affected person +1 bonus to any Perception rolls he makes during the rest of the day (until he sleeps). Action: Instant

    Drawback: The martyrs of the Bishopric believe that what this token grants to others is able to do so only because it draws it away from the Bishop who uses it. Upon using this, the Bishop suffers a –1 die penalty to any Perception rolls made on his behalf over the rest of the day — his eyes sometimes sting or tear up, and he may even feel a minor headache stirring behind them. This lingers until he gets at least four hours of sleep. This penalty is cumulative — if the Bishop blesses a motley of five changelings, the Perception penalty grows to a –5 modifier.

    Catch: In addition to the drawback noted above, the character also takes on the target’s derangement (mild or severe, whatever is possessed) for the rest of the scene. If the token is used on a character who does not possess any derangements, then the user of the Aspersorium takes on one mild derangement of the Storyteller’s choice, which lasts for the scene.