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Time Line






My mother is pregnant with me when word gets around of people suddenly dieing of a strange decease. It is the Spanish Flu outbreak and it claims the lives of my Father and two brothers. I've gathered from the stories my uncle tells that my father though I would be a boy and was going to name me Calvin after his favorite governor. When I was born a girl it was decided that naming me after the Calvin's wife, Grace Anne Colage, would be close enough to my father's wishes. I grew up with my mother, her brother, and his wife in Boston. My mothers name was Edith, but it has been so long that all the other names escape me.



Grew up during the "Great depression" but our family was one of the few lucky enough that at least one of us was always able to have a job at a time. I worked as much as I could though all of my elementary and high schooling. My mother died in the summer between the two. It was hard for me at the time, but now I can clearly see that I had never known her to be alive. Losing the man she loved and the two sons they had raised together must have been to much for her soul. I imagine that she hung on long enough to see what kind of person I was going to be.

Balancing work days, school attendance, and with the understanding of my teachers made it so I was one of the few able to finish high school and have enough money saved up to be able to start med school right after graduation.



After four hard years of study, I began working as a nurse in a local hospital. I continued to live with Aunty and Uncle and gave them as much of my money as they would let me. They kept trying to get me to spend it on things that would make a "Purity Young Lady" happy but what could make me happier then helping the two people who had devoted everything to me?



The attack on Pearl Harbor took my breath away. I had known that there was a war raging across the ocean but it had seemed like a movie reel I had not taken the time to go see. Sure it was happening but hadn't seemed real to me. Service to the Military had never crossed my mind before, but at that point nothing seemed more natural then joining the Army Nurse Core. My last night at home my uncle let me know that my father would be proud that I answered the call of my nation. I remember my aunt laughing at him. She said that they where proud and for me to go help those boys come home.

All I will say about my tours in WWII was that I spent my time in the African "Theater."



Managed to get assigned to a VA hospital in the US



One of the men treated in the VA found her and courted her until she final married him.



son is born



daughter is born



Taken by fey. His "wife" likes to collect babies. He does not like the noise they make. When I was not playing wet nurse to his wife's pets I was a part of his garden. Left a fetch in my place formed out of the cloths off my back and a broken broom handle.



The Fetch that took her place dies of "Natural Causes"



Returns from the land of the Fairy disoriented, ends up in a mental ward



A Bishopric was posing as a volunteer and going from ward to ward in the state. He was able to help me escape and introduce me Changeling society.



Convince various parts of my spring court and my bishopric family to pay for college that I may continue my work as a nurse helping people.



Graduate with my masters degree in nursing as a "Practitioner Nurse." My thesis was on the importance of medical procedures in combat using World War Two as a case study. I was given high marks for historical accuracy when comparing the two different eras of medical practice. I laugh at my professor and he knows not why.



Visit the main doctor that saw to my care during my time in the mental ward. Sam has been promoted and is now in charge of the ward instead of just being one of the doctors there.



Spent the past four years on a few personal projects. Mostly wander between homeless shelters and free care clinics offering my care. I also frequent lonely hearts bars helping people find love. Or at least love for tonight. Its fun to also travel the desert areas bringing about a spot of rain here and there. The spring homecomings are always a hoot. So nice to let go and be a part of the merriment. Always ready to help my fellow Bishoprics in need and their missions are wonderful ways to find new people to aid. Have to keep busy or I might slow down enough to remember that the people I'm caring for and giving myself to are not my real family and I can never have them back.

Early August 2010


Grandfather Thunder requested an audience with me. Insomuch as Grandfather Thunder "requests" anything. He Spent some time on what I though was small talk about "other" supernaturals. It amuses me a bit that after what the Others have done to us, those like me can still be in denial about what goes bump in the night. Grandfather Thunder is not one of the deluded ones though. He extended an invitation to me to travel with him to Memphis. Supposedly there is to be a meeting there of many supernaturals and he would like me there as an observer. Of course I agree without a moments hesitation.

He vocalized the oh-so-common concern of me not having a price for my services. I shrug if off as him giving me a free trip to Memphis when I have not done anything yet. My brethren of Spring don't understand how my constant giving fits into their schema of desire either. If only he, or any of them could understand that my price; what I want more then anything, is to be needed. My selflessness is my selfishness.

August 7th, 2010


It was a dingy warehouse complete with stadium seating. Through some act of coincidence, the group I was traveling with arrived at the same time as the other five groups. After a touch of coxing from our host we all took a place in the little circle of portable bleachers. He reshaped Genesis. God creating Angels who created man-servants. There was revolt and the earth-bound Angels were destroyed along with the places of their power. Granted this was not a simple lecture but a powerful vision forced upon us.

As he begins to explain our purpose this day, the building is assaulted. One of the young men from one of the other groups fell to the ground. I quickly saw to him, sadly the cause was the attackers tranquilizer darts that I could feel trying to take me down as well. Nothing I had with me could help him. One of the young woman from yet another group came to help me move him. She somehow got the idea that I though she could fly. It was a little mater. Between the grenades and the channeled lightning, our attackers were quickly dealt with. One of the boy's companions awoke him with and he had a healthy dose of "I'm alive?"

Our host cleared some of us out of the warehouse into a; what did they call it, pocket universe. He profusely apologized explaining that the upper ranks much have been compromised. He finished explaining the end of the world and asked us to help. Apparently our attackers are big fans of kidnapping supernaturals and I can not abide by that. One by one we agreed and with our hosts encouragement introduced ourselves and any special needs we have.

A man named Jeremiah has an "Intimate relationship with death." The lovely and strong woman Veinna let us know she does not not go into the sunlight. Vampire? An other young man is named Adam and apparently is a Werewolf. A man turning into a wolf and back is not normal in the world of man I have been devoting myself to for so long. The young man I helped earlier is named Jack. He made a point of letting us know is body is quite normal and vulnerable to attack. Our giant Ki has issues with people trying to control him. I introduced myself and Goodie Calvin and Jack through in a comment about strippers. Our host then had the gal to ask me so show my scar of what happened to me as an exalt of what I am. The only detail that is important about me is that I help people. I don't see that implying anything else was necessary. He is lucky I am not a wrathful woman.

Jack then promptly created a Kitty for Veinna. Just out of thin air. A small cuddly kitten. As impressive at it was, Jeremiah retorted by taking off his arm and having it crawl the room. Ki though I was great fun to play with.

I carry on too much. We are now traveling in car to New Mexico to start undermining the hunters after a not-so-quick stop in New Orleans to get Veinna's Kitty. Awful bear cat thing that it is.

August 12th, 2010


We have arrived in New Mexico. After some coxing I was finally able to have Jeremiah and Jack help me get some supplies for our raid on the Hunters. Unfortunate, Veina dismantled one of the car doors, setting us back a day with having to get a new one. She could have set us back all she wanted because our first attempt on the hunters was a disaster. They found us outside of the gates and, after a few run ins with electric toys, we barely escaped with our lives.

After some regrouping I found out my fellows had taken one of the hunters. I learned the hard way that I have to be very exact when I tell Jeremiah to "release" someone.

Our second attempt so far Is working out much better. Instead of driving up, Jeremiah ran invisibly to the base and brought us through the portal into the security room. Many guards have died and one of the sin eaters have also died, but not without trying to take a chunk out of our own Bound.

August 22th, 2010


Very little that is good came out of the New Mexico base. Two of my own kind where being held there. A Fairest that I got Jack to open a portal to Miami for (not before making sure that she knows the Bishops have her number) and a Darkling the hunters had turned into a plague carrier. I wish I had had more time to look into what they did to try to save him but they where ready for an ambush and we only had a few minutes left. I at least have the information I need to save the next one I run across. Mason, how do you do it?

August 23th, 2010


Apparently Islands really do make the best vacation spots. Sucking down some fruity drinks that wouldn't pass FDA or ATF standards back home really calms the nerves. That and people are so relaxed here. "Island time" they call it; Desires' paradise is more like it. But duty calls and as soon as the sun is down I will take a step in and rejoin my group, the world waits.

August 24th, 2010


Nothing was slowed by my day's sabbatical. The others also took the time to regain themselves. Turns out Jeremiah took quite the payload from the base. Now that I look at the piles it is a wonder I didn't notice before. He spends much of his time inventorying it with varying degrees of being impressed and board. Once Jack returned, we carried on to Boston to Visit his uncle, one of the mages from before.

No lack of interesting news here: 1 - while visiting New York, the Pope was assaulted by a supernatural we are assuming was a Sin Eater with some militant supporters in the crowd, and 2 - Turns out Uncle Zack is my Grandson.

I hadn't realized how far I had been detaching from my old self in order to live without the family that my old life revolved around. Jack is not a blood relative but little importance that makes to me. My son and daughter are really alive, it wasn't some reuse from Sam to get a rise out of me. Better yet, my daughter had suspected the fetch from the beginning. I want to see her so badly, but I need time to think. Too many important things at once. The data Jack pulled from the computer alluded to other testing in other facilities but nothing more specific to go off of. I think I see the sun peeking out the window and Zack trying to shoo me off to bed. I think I will let him.

August 25th, 2010


3pm. Fantastic. Veina and her nights have got to stop, not that anything really can change that. I found Zack and insisted he bring me to Dallas. Its time to face my little one.

That went differently then what I planned. Apparently if someone suspects other worldly influence in their life for 60+ years and then I show up and confirm it, it turns them into a mage, who knew? I have refused to take Zack's advice to leaving her during the "awakening." I understand that I may not be able to assist him in anyway HE would see helpful, but I refuse to simply leave her after the damage I have caused.

Zack had things under control now with his mother. She will be leaving her life to being training with others of her power. I know I can not help her now, but my heart and best wishes are with her. I has wished to not let Jack in on my identity but Zack felt it would be important to have him understand the full why as to his Great Aunt (once removed?) was suddenly a mage.

August 28th, 2010


I have decided I want mage dreams. Jack dreamed of a Frozen waist land and when we get there (by Jack's portal of course) it turns out to have all the amenities that each of our unique kind requires. And its care taker is the image of a 10 year old girl that is devoid of smell and taste (These are apparently important senses to Viena). I have humorously named the not-child Grace. It amuses me and I can care less if the others do not understand why.

I will at some point need to travel from the Island (this one lacks the drinks and island time of the other, at least for now) though its Hedge opening, to the Goblin Market and along the Trod (fingers crossed) to Miami so I can have a way back and forth, I just have no interest in doing this alone the first time and no one wants to travel with Jack and I so Zack won't let us go. Strange as that sounds with Zack not actually being with us, it is what it is and I see no need for Jack to spend a week as a dog. Zack is summoning us back so we can investigate Russian Hebe-jibes.

August 29th, 2010


I have deiced that I want on part of mage Hebi-jebes. He get to BFE Russia (one frozen waist to another) miles away from our target. Can't blame Jack for that, he's never been there before. His giant table horse made quick work of the distance though. Then I had 4 legs and Veina and Jeremiah had tentacle. Ruined my pants, good thing it was not my favorite pants. The source of the jebieness and the strange limbs turns out to be a cabin in the center of flattened woods.

Strange man claiming to be an archangel made us omelets and gave us a map to the lost City of Atlantis. How ever this path leads though a Bound that doesn't know another bound to get some Golden Leaves of Thrace. And once we find these leaves we have to figure out a way to Egypt and find a ghost wandering the desert, use the memento leaves to talk to it, get it to lead us to some doorway that will lead us to the part of hell that has Atlantis nestled inside.

August 30th, 2010


New York City. So cold and dead. It makes sense that Veina would be the one who would bring us here. She apparently needed to report to a superior. So Jack and I hung out in the extra room of an extra room in a fancy suit while they chatted away in German in the other room. With Jack not turning up any hits on the leaves with his mage contacts, this finally gives me a reason to head to Miami and get some much desired R&R.

I've dropped the boys off at a safe place. I figure I do enough to keep the galls and guys healthy there, they can play haven for a bit. I've showered up to get the travel stink off of me, adorned my frilliest burgundy and gold robe, hung the charm next to the door, and waited for it to change colors.

August 30th, 2010


My night with Mason was refreshing. He has doubts, but Mason has promised to give me any leads he finds on the leaves. The boys had a surprising boring evening at the club.

Jeremiah is a failure. I finally get a call from Mason mentioning that there's a guy in Colorado. As soon as I mention this to the group, Jeremiah chooses NOW to let us know that he already has a lead on the leaves that he got back in New York. Waiting for us to finish our business, whatever.

September 1st, 2010


We found our way to Denver and we rented a car and drove us down to Colorado Springs. We've met this Dom person and he gives me the creeps in ways I have not felt in some time. It took some time to iron out the details, but we traded one of the hunter scopes for a gun with a strange power. In exchange for use of the Golden Leaves, we have agreed to take Dom with us to show him the gate to Atlantis.

Hell walk. That's what I'm calling it. I don't care what they call it. If you have to eat grave dirt, then see... those kinds of things... that is what it is. We did it twice. Once back to New York to fail at tracking down Ki, then again to get to London. We're going to be here a few days while we wait for Viena gets us some papers to cross down to Africa.

Nothing gets to be easy. Some slinky bastard lifted the leaves off of Dom. After Veana sniffed him out; literally, it turned out to be a mage summoning some nasty business. Nasty enough to panic Jack. After getting a look at the thing, all classical black demon breathing fire, I can't blame him. He called in the Calvary who arrived in record time. I approve of the Calvary coming equip with its own General. I get the pleasure of spending more quality time with Mason. I think I'm getting spoiled again.

September 2nd, 2010


If appearances are everything, then the hedge is not so bad. Our paper work worked out great. We got our flight to Egypt without incident.


3rd, 2010


Veana's contacts got us a driver to take us out to the desert. No amount of badgering or sass was able to keep the driver and his SUV with us. Loosing my touch perhaps? Wait, why was I even acting like that? I still feel off from before. We were able to contact the specter of the desert and come night it used a sand storm to whisk us away to Giza. Its amazing how much more beautiful this strange place is without all the bombs and gun fire. As helpful as the specter is, he keeps getting his tenses wrong. Sounds like he's trying to tell us that we've met him before.

Adam was able to find us another helpful fellow in the shape of a Jackal. Helpful little fellow lead us to a Hell Portal. Grabbed my three shoe boxes for good measure. Doubt I'm going to have another chance. We don't get to take the fancy short cut that keeps us out of danger this time. Oh no. This time we get the full scenic route. Complete with Mummies mummifying mummies, awful smells, and distant screams. Okay, I made the last two up. But Veina did verify for us that the Jack's Door is not going to work for us here.

Once to the opening of the library, we find that it is guarded by a pair of sizable sphinxes. They eagerly accepted my offer of photographs to gain entrance. Going to have to find something else to present at the Revel. Once everyone figured out what to offer up, we could continue. We found more evidence that supernaturals came from fall out of the human uprising against the angels. The Others started as a type of failed demon that collects people to remember what it is to own.

Turn of fun, the guardian that emphasized to us that "will-working" was very much against the rules, now tells us that Jack is required to brake said rule. And of course this comes from Jack in some way or another. He magics back the Lost Hall and we suffer the guardians wrath. Expulsion from the realm. Much neater then the death we were all but promised.



Upon leaving some near dozen men though they would try and ambush us. We made quick work of them. Well, most of them. The strangest thing happened. Mason appeared as one was about to put a bullet in my skull. Strangest feeling of déjà vu and an impression of bone dice. 

Note to self: do not leave Veina alone with babies.

December 31th 2010


I don't know if I should count this as my most boring birthday ever. Not the first time I have not been in the world of man for it. It just didn't feel like that long in the library.

We've got a recipe now to create something that will let us erase the sins of the serpent but the catch is to use it we need to become the order of Eden. I don't consider spending my life tied to this group all that appealing, but its a small price to pay. Hopefully when this is over we can go our separate ways. Get back to some of that life from before.

After all these years of resisting getting some kind of funky tattoo I've now got my own brand between my lower shoulder blades. I feel much, more, now. More is the only thing I could think to describe it after the joining.

 January 2nd, 2011


After all these years of resisting getting some kind of funky tattoo I've now got my own brand between my lower shoulder blades. I feel much, more, now. More is the only thing I could think to describe it after the joining. Apparently the island is also more. Then it was. Would have been nice to be able to spend more time on the island but Venina got a summoning to Australia.

 January 3rd, 2011


Airs rock is home to the sleeping furry. small tribe next to it is governed by one of Jack's "Lich's." Need to wait a day, I stay behind in the village offering up bits of extra medical attention and so on.

 January 4th, 2011


We've had our dream meeting with furry who gives us more information on the device. Once leaving, we found ourselves bound in metal body socks and forced into then techno dream meeting with man who is ruining the world. We come back to reality and the Lich leader is dead. Without hesitation, Jack gets us back to Boston where Zack takes us off to an Arctic waist land with a bunker buried beneath the surface. With little ceremony, Zack tosses us in letting us know that we are the last hope if they fail.

 January 4th 2021 (at least am left to assume the year is 2021)


Zacks spell did exactly as he said, another 10 years have been taken from me. Lots has happened too it turns out. The Brotherhood did exactly as they promised. They turned the worlds supper powers against themselves. In the fall out basically erased the worlds countries off the map leaving the United States as a series of City States controlled by each of the supper naturals. I don't imagine the rest of the world fared much better. Checking the necklace I can see that Mason is not dead, but he's nowhere. What happened to you?

 January 5th 2021


We have gathered that each of the original Order have been driven insane with their Furries and are each in there own danger. As much as I would like to rush to Mason and return him, but we don't have what we need to get him. I'm going to need Zack's talents and knowledge, but we can't even get to him. Yet with all of this we're going to the Werewolf first because he is on the brink of getting sacrificed.

Standard plan of attack. One, have Jack make a portal to Denver, Two: Kick but. Three: Get Joachim.

Part one technically went though as written. Jack did open a portal and that portal did led to Denver. As I crossed that threshold I heard him. "Faded. Fallen. I have seen the dream. I have seen the world end. I have seen my love die. I am lost. I am faded." followed with the mocking Laughter of a woman, "His soul. Its slow agony is delicious. I will enjoy ripping it shred from shred until he is nothing more!" 

Something happened after that. Something must have. I think we were ambushed and then lead through the city by a bird. The bird led us to "friendly" werewolves if you can call any of them that. Adam left us to retrieve Joachim from a spirit realm, and they tired to keep us for there battle. I couldn't take it anymore. I hopped through the closest door into the hedge, sat down and sot him out.

I only got the briefest gimps of him as he forced me out of the dream but it gave me what I needed. Mason is not only physically alive but enough of his mind remains intact for him to still insist on saving me. This gives me hope but bodes poorly for any future sleep.

 January 6th 2021


In return for saving Joachim and his city, he has refused to help us save Zack. Helpful lad. For some reason Jeremiah is a stone statue and apparently we have to wait on him. After my warning from Mason, I've spoken to Jack and he will let me keep him from sleeping. Even with sleep I feel that the nightmares follow me. While trying to busy myself with the Goblin Market that I have a free pass into and the little area of Russian outside of it, Mason's torment finds me: "Seek the t-t-t-truth of my p-p-p-past, and you will save me," only to be interrupted by her, "Oh, do try, deary. I'm going to start with his eyes. Such pretty eyes. And then roast them and suck out the jelly. Hurry, hurry! Time's running short! ahehehehehe!" 

 January 11th 2021


Save Zack by hunting him to Boston. Turns out it is a strangely flat waist land. Jack can't get a good read on Zack location, so we hoof it to where Zack's house would have been. Jack finds something that spooks him and he leaves us there for a time. We get up to Atlantis as the attack starts. Overwhelmed a few times to attack my companions but seems to fade as quickly as it comes. Hakeam had the nerve to carry me because I'm not as fast as the others. Once Jack returns from his confrontation with Zack, they have to deal with an inner demon. Even with it destroyed, Zack still seems haunted.

 January 16th 2021


Jeramiah is finally up and ready to go. I have all the help I am going to get, so it is time to get Mason. I snapped at Veinna though, calling her a whore for trying to stop me even though she really wasn't trying to stop me. These strange thing's I'm doing have to stop.

The closer I get, the more it haunts me. "Tt-t-t-t-three stories you will hear. T-t-t-three different versions. None are right by themselves. A-a-a-all contain truth. A-a-a-all contain lies. Figure out w-w-w-w-what happened to spare me."

"No! You will not take him. I hope you enjoy the little present I sent your halfbreed friends. Is it truly so wrong I'm only trying to reunite them with their cousins?

Word came down that New Lioness is under attack (Fools. Why would you name your city after something the Fey have destroyed once already? Asking for trouble) I was finaly able to get to Mason by entering the dream at Grace's urging. Turns out that Lioness fell to him rather then him let them be taken back to the Others. Even after that Mason is not right. After indulging me my few days of being literaly wraped around him, he has forced himself to be distant and I don't understand. I know the last ten years have been torment for him. I know my presence doesn't just wash that away, but he could at least take some comfort in my presence.

 January 18th 2021


With everything that has been happening, I have also let my Mantle slip. Now that It's gone, I feel like I was only clinging to it just barely this whole time. Mason noticed that I've changed and took me to see his Dawn Court Queen. I think he welcomed the chance to distract me from him and I will take it. If he needs time he will have it. They were very warm in welcoming me, and why shouldn't they be. Turns out that 10 years ago when this whole mess started Mason was the Dawn King.

I made it a point to step into the dream and reach out to the Furry that was living in Australia. It said the strangest thing and called me "a dead echo." It could not elaborate at Zack's dis-suasion, but was able to warn me that Mason and the other Echos are under a compulsion from (who assume is) Zack and to not push them for endangering them. 

When I awoke, Vennia was waiting for me. Turned out she  has already saved Asher. She also suspects that Zack is up to  something. Some nonsense about Zack making Asher sad. She doesn't make the most sense most of the time, but I think I am beginning to understand what motivates her.

 January 22nd 2021


 For some reason Jack came out of no where looking like he had been a farmer on the outskirts of Hiroshima 8 decades ago. I fixed him up okay, but what in the world was he doing?

In the midst of keeping an eye on him, we were summoned to assist in New Orleans. The brotherhood was day-ambushing the vampires. We caught a glimpse of Azrial above the city and Jack and Jeremiah had a time throwing rockets at him. Azrial retaliated by taking all the oxygen out of the air and making Jeremiah vanish. Once we could breath again, someone made the sun stop shining and the Vampires were finally able to fight back.

 January 25th 2021


 I finally talked with Grace about my deaths and she lets me know that we died in the attack from the Abyssal in London. Mason appeared to me and tried to tell me something about me not dieing but he passed out. Zack has finally decided to grace me with his presence. While he could not yet me everything, he was at least willing to apologize for what he has had to do to Jack and I, even if he can not release Mason. I've accepted his apology and hope my forgiveness is able to help him in with his demons. After making sure Mason was in no shape to suddenly wonder off, I left for the Goblin Market. I felt that Jack needs to know what Zack has said and the only fair way is for me to show him. I've found a place to get a diary. I can use it to share a memory with whom ever reads it. I paid... You know I can't remember what I paid for it. It was easy enough to use and Jack was not too receptive to the memory. I expected that with Zack being a mind mage and all, but I've done what I can. The reset is with Jack now.

 January 27th 2021


 My love is still not sleeping well. After a near argument, I've learned that I didn't save him from the Hag after all. She still hunts him in his dreams. After some though, I've given him some sleeping pills that will suppress REM sleep. It's time to finish this. This has gone on long enough. 

I found Veina and had her summon the others. For what ever reason Jeremiah took almost a day to get to us. I sent him off to deal with death and at Joachim's urging, we went to New York City to see if the Sin-Eaters need any assistance. They seemed like a likely next target for the brotherhood. The city guard didn't take too kindly to our presence and brought us to their home base. I don't know that I have ever seen such a Gaudy place outside of Spring Court. It was a giant pillar of activity in the dead city, but its inhabitants where anything but friendly. I refuse to ever sing the Little Tea Pot song for anyone ever. After some awkward arguing, We have taken some of the other Sin-Eaters with us to the island. From there Jeremiah opened one of the hell doors to Russia for us to deal with Azrial.


 We have won but at what cost?

Azrial took form in a woman and man. I remember the other sin-eaters calling them Rosangela and Victor (formally known as death). It took a bit of doing but they where able to bring each of them down in turn. I now know why Zombie movies are so popular. If I never get eaten by the undead again it will be too soon. With Azrial's defeat Zack has finally reveled the truth to us. Its not what I originally though where he managed to break the laws and keep us from dieing. Turns out he did something about multiple worlds that are similar... It didn't make that much sense to me but it seemed to anger Jack and Jeremiah to no end. I don't see why its that important to them anyway. Its sill the people we care about needing our help.

Turns out that the only way to our home is through the death of the Echos. I wish we had more time, but it is apparent that we do not. I've given what I can to Him. Let Him know I carry no resentment and forgive Him even though I don't think He needs it, I know He thinks He does. It must have hurt, but I had to made sure that I don't have to save my Mason from the Hag, but I do still need to tell him the truth about Lioness. Jeremiah has taken too much delight in the idea of the their suicide and once this is over I will have no part of him. His blatant disregard for life is intolerable.

I hope that Jack does not carry his hate for what this other Zack did back to our home, but I carry my sorrow for His sacrifice... They say time heals all wounds, but they never bring up infection in the analogy. All I can do is hope for Jack. He is young and any attempt to force his thinking will surly back fire.

 Notes for when we pick up next
I have the Map and the Bronze Circle. (consider giving it to Veinna to protect if she swears a life oath to never let Jeremiah have it - no just need to find a place to hide it in general)

Notes to self when we return to this game:
-) Dig a grave in my section of the island for Him. Goodie has to dig is, but Mason can help her fill it (if he comes around, in time,   "In memory of a shattered heart" or some other sentimental phrase.) Depressed until she finished the "funeral" for Him.
-) Go to the Dawn court and present myself to Mason instead of waiting for him to find me as is the usual fashion. (if he hadn't come to her already on the island)
-) Use the one of the last two memories in the Diary to show Mason the time from the Abyssal attack to our return.
-) Burn the Robes in my collection that I poses because they remind me of the 16th century style (want nothing to do with mason's X in a violent way as compared to the usual ways.)
-) let Zack read the memories out of me.
-) Other Victor is now with us?

-) Make Mason promises to never name a city New Lioness, and to disagree with anyone who tries to do so.
-) When i develop a frailties, have one of the minor ones be a reaction to "I'm a little tea pot"
-) Long term - end of game - consider threatening Jeremiah that if he ever tries to have anything to do with her she will sick Mason on him. (?? "I'm not a violent person, its just not the way I am and to be honest, I'm not that physically imposing of a person. But if I ever see you again, I will be quite upset, and there is a Man out there that is a violent person who IS quite physically capable, and he takes exception to me being upset" ??)

-) Venna has a Pendent from Asher

Consider time contracts
want the Summer contract * to be able to be more adept at other temps
also working on learning Russian - been there quite a lot lately, could be useful, and considering a change in scenery