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Autumn Court



Changeling the Lost: 113
Blessing: These changelings really are the Fairest of Them All, and their magic only emphasizes this. The player can spend Glamour to improve dice pools that include Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion. Each point spent increases one dice pool by one point.
A changeling counted among the Fairest also suffers no untrained penalty for using Social skills in which she has no dots.
Curse: The Fairest, similar to the creatures who stole them, can be callous and unfeeling, vicious and prone to toy with others, even people who love them. Their inner balance suffers for this. One of the Fairest suffers a –1 die penalty on dice pools to avoid losing Clarity (for example, the player of a Fairest with Clarity 5 who kills another changeling rolls two dice to avoid losing Clarity, rather than three).

Kith: Muse

Changeling the Lost: 114
Their beauty inspires the arts. Whether a Rubenesque beauty, a sedate and delicate daughter of the Heavenly Ministry, a grotesquely beautiful masque or garbed in yellow tatters, or a Dark Lady who drives her beloved to destruction, the Muse inspires the creation of things of beauty and horror and love and hate and fear. The growth of confidence can precipitate a headlong rush to doom, and the Muse knows how to make it happen. The Muse’s talent is The Tyranny of Ideas: the changeling’s presence can give a human the confidence and talent to do things that he otherwise would not be able to do. For every point of Glamour the changeling spends, the human subject (and it must be human; it can’t be another changeling or another supernatural being) gains +2 on one dice pool involving Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge.

Kith: Shadowsoul

Changeling the Lost - Winter Masques: 84
The antithesis of the Bright Ones, these fae are the most beautiful chosen of the nigh. Their beauty comes from the darkness they swathe themselves in rather than the light they radiate. They were the favored concubines, adornments and handmaidens to nocturnal Keepers, and are distant cousins to the Darklings.
The Shadowsoul’s blessing is the Unnatural Chill: the player gains a bonus to Intimidation rolls equal to her Wyrd, and receives the benefit of the 9 again rule to Subterfuge rolls. In addition, she may purchase Contracts of Darkness as affinity Contracts.