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Alice Cump

The Merging

She stands at the door yet again. By now she has lost track of how many hours have been lost to staring at that door. She raises her has as if to knock, just as she has every other time. She closes her eyes. She licks her chapped lips. Then something new happened.

She actually knocked on the door.

At first nothing changed. The door stayed closed, her arm stayed up and her eyes stayed tightly shut. Then a few clicking sounds came from the closed door and then it was no longer closed.

She carefully opened one eye. She had heard that magazines "fix" photographs of their models to make the skin tone perfect, a muscle the right shape or even someones basic proportions to move a 9 up to a 10. In fact, she had seen many pictures of this woman before and had assumed that at least some of those changes had been made. Studied would be a more accurate word, but none of them had readied her for the real thing.

For one thing, the woman stood stark naked in front of her. Her skin was a light, even tan. Her build was just tone enough to give an hint of muscle throughout her body while still keeping her curvaceous enough to be obviously feminine. Her bronze hair was chopped short and stuck out at wild angles giving her a feral charm. And that face. She recognized it as her own but could never have pulled off a smile that coy.

"You can come inside Alice, unless your plan is to knock on my door and run away every other day for the rest of your life." The woman's voice seemed to break the spell and Alice scurried inside locking the latch behind her. "Oh, go take a seat. As they say, 'Mi casa es su casa." Alice continued inside being careful not to brush up against the other woman. As they passed each other she could not help but notice the woman was nearly a head taller then Alice. "I think that old cliche is its a bit more literal this time around, wouldn't you say?"

"Well, umh..." was all Alice could manage as she tried her best not to touch the pristine white couch she was now sitting on.

The woman gave a slight chuckle and moved to the back of the room, "I must be making you so nervous." She disappeared into a what must have been a door hidden in the architecture of the wall and reappeared is less then half a breath. She was now in a little light blue dress that seemed to bring out her curves more then being naked ever could have. "I must apologize. That was not my intention. I simply wanted to show you the fruits of your labors."

On the woman's way back to Alice, she stopped by a little kitchen nook and grabbed up a platter of snacks and a glass of red wine. The woman sat the platter on the coffee table in front of Alice before taking her place on the chair opposite Alice. She lounged there, swirling the wine in its glass and gazing at Alice.

Alice took to the snacks immediately, "So, ah," she said between stuffing her mouth, "you kept, hum, my name. Ah man, these are really good," and another one disappeared, "It can't have been easy to get jobs as Alice Cump."

The woman bellowed out a full-bodied laugh that seemed too much for her body to produce. "I could do little else. That was the core of the bargain. In exchange for your years of labor, 'Your name would be known the world over for your beauty, power, and fortune."

Alice sat chewing and thinking for a moment, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Indeed," the woman replied, finally taking a small sip of the wine.

When Alice finished her most recent snack, she started ringing her hands instead of grabbing at yet another one, "I didn't think you were going to be so nice."

The woman laughed again and this time it carried a strange echo with it, "What reason would I have to greet you with anything but open arms? I was created to fulfill Their side of the contract. You've served your time and fulfilled your obligation. All that is left is for us to merge and for you to live the life you so deserve."

"Merge?" the words rushed out of Alice, "I though I was going to have to kill you and eat your bones!"

The woman responded to the confession with yet another cascade of laughter. The echo it carried with it made Alice's head spin. "Eat my bones? Oh heavens! No wonder it took you a year to even knock on my door," The woman stood up and moved behind Alice. Alice tried to pivot to keep an eye on the woman, but nearly slid off the couch as she turned. "You ogre types are all the same. Simple concepts for simple minds. There are much better ways to accomplish one's goals other then sensationalized violence. Let us take you for example." Try as Alice might, she could not keep herself upright on the couch. She just could not get her limbs to stay where she put them.

"All you had to do was put down the doughnuts and the cakes and voila," the woman struck up a pose, "The life you so wanted. But no," she took down the reset of the wine in a quick gulp," But no, you had to bitch and moan enough to get the attention of the Masters. Now look at you, your soul is torn, your life was lived by a fetch," the woman pause long enough to fail taking a drink from the empty glass, "Everyone loved me by the way," and threw the glass at Alice only to have it bounce harmlessly off a cushion, "and now your life is going to be ended by that fetch."

Alice balled her fist and tried to strike out at the woman behind her. All she succeeded in doing was was finishing throwing off her balance enough to slide off the couch and bounce her head off the coffee table. "Stupid girl! You think I would really let you use those brutish contracts against me?"

As the final darkness started closed in on Alice all she could hear was the victorious cackling of her fetch.