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Her clothing was of cut and color similar enough to the standard uniform to blend in, but not be an obvious mockery or costume. She looked up at from the table as they approached, her brow furrowed in honest anger that they where about to interrupt her conversation instead of fear from being discovered. "This is a private conversation, gentlemen, if you could please wait until I am done with Benjamin, I would be happy to speak with you." The balls on this one, small wonder she'd gone mostly unnoticed for three days. 

"It's okay, I feel better already," the officer's hands were shaking slightly as he stood and backed away. He knew better then to leave, questions needed answers. She gave him a sad nod, but let it go before standing and letting the internal security force take her.


It took hours to piece together the bits of footage of her weekend wandering the compound. All evidence pointed to her being lucky about turning the corner as the camera turned away or stepping through a door before it started closing instead of any kind of malicious scheming on her part. She spent much of her time in common areas eating, meditating or having a hushed conversation with various staff members who all looked a little happier by the time they left. No evidence of her even approaching the limited access operational areas. The work order to fix the broken lock to the living quarters she'd been staying in had gotten filed and lost weeks ago. So far as they could tell, it was the first only door she had tried.


-who are you?
+Kesi, not that my name tells you anything, James.
-how do you know my name?
+we're talking, it's a thing i do. 
-fine, play dumb. how did you get in?
+i walked through the door
-cute, why are you here?
+because i'm supposed to be
-great, and what are you doing while you are here?
+talking to the people. they hurt. how do none of you see that? what you do can cause wounds so deep they fester the mind. 
-you expect us to believe you broke in here just to talk? to make people feel better?
+you're talking to me, talking must have merit. though to someone like you, i can see how altruism would inherently feel insincere. 
-what is that supposed to mean?
Her next actuation earned her quite the beating, and she took it, though being cuffed to a table might have had something to do with it. The investigation into her accusation earned James an execution and his being cuffed had everything to do with that. 

She gave better answers to little more reasonable interrogator from the medical ward. 

Kesi was born into small sect of the hunter order known as the Knights of Saint Adrian working down in Africa. She took on the ink of her family and their mission, but several years ago she felt a pull in a different direction. ("A sign from god?" She gave a little shrug and winced as the motion pulled on her bruised ribs, "this is how i interpret it, but many can call it by other names.") She studied for a season with the Ascending Ones, then the Knights of Saint George, but ultimately joined with the Malleus Maleficarum gaining the blessing of Benedictions. She stayed with them for a few years before the itch returned and she found herself outside of Gallowglass. Then inside Gallowglass. 

Friendly enough but not outgoing. Will not hesitate to insert herself into where she sees or feels help of any kind is needed. Also does not hesitate to bring forth accusations which are commonly correct (incorrect being a mater of interpretation). Though she does not like the bureaucracy of it, she has let Zack (could be other member if you feel fits better) convince her to use a more formal channel for her accusations so they are less disruptive and dangerous. Spends most of her time in the various compounds visiting with the officers. Some of the Catholic raised troops started calling her "Father" and the nomenclature stuck for some. She'll go on a mission if it is requested of her and it is not unknown for her to stick herself into a mission last minute. Sometimes one of her unique talents provides invaluable, other times she might as well have not been there. She values wisdom and is always respectful. Even if you don't believe it to be the hand of god leading her, her intuition is uncanny.