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Been together for 7 years. Goodie has a necklace made by Mason. It is a one-snake staff of Asclepius that is silver then turns gold as Mason aproches. Goodie had him make himself a glass marble encasing a white-gold flower modeled after a ground laurel. If she's far, the flower is only a bud, and it blooms the closer Goodie gets. He managed to find his way back to the world after being taken all the way back in the 17th century from Scotland. Makes some of his tastes a little odd, but its part of his charm.

The Salvation of Mason Broun
Nikki: Go to grace, You've been "putting" us places right?
Nikki: .
NoxDraconigena: I'm sorry? I haven't done anything.
Nikki: Didn't you put us in Atlantis a few days ago?
NoxDraconigena: Did I? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. -small smile0
Nikki: Grace. What are all the ways off of the island?
Nikki: .
NoxDraconigena: The only methods I'm aware of are your Hollow and Jack's method of portals.
Nikki: so how did we get to atlantis?
NoxDraconigena: Why don't you stop asking me the how, and explain the why?
Nikki: i need to get places.
NoxDraconigena: That is not the why. That is a vague interpretation of your needs.
Nikki: (nikki - trying to let some time progress on the other side)
Nikki: Goodie: *startting to cry* i need to figure out what the hell it was Mason did and I can't do that from here.
NoxDraconigena: And where is Mason, dear child?
Nikki: Grace: [incernt reaml name here]
Nikki: *insert
NoxDraconigena: Insert realm name here.
NoxDraconigena: In the Grave Dream? This isn't good. Alright then. And how do intend to get there?
Nikki: Goodie (occurs to me that I was just referring to Goodie as Grace): I have no idea. That and I have to now try to figure out what part of Mason's life he played the hero and turned out to be the villain after all so I can't even go to him until I've solved that mystery or it won't even mater about removing him from that living hell.
NoxDraconigena: Goodie? I need you to trust me. Go sleep.,
Nikki: here or there?
NoxDraconigena: Here.
Nikki: She kneels down and takes the necklace out of her shirt. She grasps it in a death grip and passes out.
NoxDraconigena: (I feel the need to explain that Mason's voice wasn't stuttering. It sounded like a remixed song to repeat the first letter a few times.)
NoxDraconigena: You immediately hear the mocking, evil laughter of an old hag and feel yourself being dragged down. You languish and panic, until you feel a bright, soothing light that imbues your soul with a sense of calm, and hear a voice in your mind. "I am Masque."
Nikki: (that is good to know)
Nikki: Masque? *tone is a hopful*
NoxDraconigena: Yes. The Fury bonded to Mason. He is fragmented, and thus my presence is not with him right now.
Nikki: Are you able to help me?
NoxDraconigena: I cannot directly, but I can nudge you. That is the terms I can offer. My rules are different from yours, but I do try.
Nikki: I accept and thank you for anything you can do. It means everything to me.
Nikki: Are you able to tell me what it is that Mason thinks is spoiled in his past?
NoxDraconigena: I cannot. I can bring you to where he is, and I can hold off the Hag while you figure things out. But my strength is waning, and she is only growing more powerful as she feeds off of Mason.
Nikki: An I able to take him out of there while he is still .. fragmented?
NoxDraconigena: No. If he enters the mortal realm right now, his mind would never recover and he remained in his torturous coma. The Hag would still be able to visit him in his dreams and he would never be free of her.
Nikki: Then I will return to you when I am ready for him. Is there anything I can do to help fortify you?
NoxDraconigena: I do appreciate the attempt, but there is little you can do. Now hold on. -he teleports you away-
Nikki: still asleep or awake now?
NoxDraconigena: He's laying on an altar and is quietly moaning, tossing and turning in his sleep. You see, however, that he is wearing his charm, and above you, in the cold blackness of the realm, you see three mirrors. You feel the pull of the mirrors for you to gaze upon them, but Mason doesn't respond to any attempts to wake him.
Nikki: (you as in sean noticed that i said i didn't want to come to mason right?)
NoxDraconigena: (Yes. Masque gave you no option.)
Nikki: (just making sure, and by charm i assume the glass marble?)  Check the necklace to see if it is responding corecly to mason being that close to me and same for the marble, making sure it responds to me being that close to it.
Nikki: Check his "vitals" and check to see if he is having some rapid eye movement.
NoxDraconigena: He's in a coma.
Nikki: Turn my attention to the mirrors. Study each one to see if any of the reflections are wrong.
NoxDraconigena: Each mirror is different in style. One seems almost primal, ringed with animal trophies and fur. The second is made out of plain, normal stone with a silver surface, and the third is Victorian, very ornate and proud. The reflections all show you, but each seems to beckon you independently of the others.
Nikki: So each actual reflection is correct. Are the mirrors free standing? If so try to push over the "ornate and proud" one.
NoxDraconigena: They are all floating over the ground, and when you go to push on the mirror, you fall through the reflective surface and land in a stone, cobblestone courtyard in a city.
Nikki: from behind?
Nikki: sorry, the implication was that if they are free standing push them forward onto the glass, if i still fall though the reflection i will
NoxDraconigena: There is no 'back'. They're mirrored on both sides.
Nikki: okay, I try to push them "over" towards Mason and an now standing in a stone, cobblestone courtyard in a city. Look back around and try to go back though the mirror (assuming the mirror is not there) look for any people around.
NoxDraconigena: The mirror is not there. You see, however, Mason, standing up and walking into the courtyard, wielding a huge sword and wearing very ornate armor. Beside him is a rather beautiful woman, wearing the clothing of a Scottish peasent, clinging to his arm. "Please, please, milord! Let's just run away and we can save each other. It doesn't have to happen like this!" She yells, begging, trying to drag him off. He turns to her in a patient, gentle manner and kisses her forehead. "My love, I am a Legionnaire. I will fight the Fae, and return to you. Go. Leave with your family. As a barmaid, you have no reason to fight here. And I thank you for your concern." Mason said with a small smile. (Hurry. She's strong.) Mason draws his weapon and the girl sighs. "You nobles. Alright, my love. I will see you again." He said and turned, running off into the sounds of battle down the street.
NoxDraconigena: The mirror appears behind you.
Nikki: Is she still there?
Nikki: After a hesitant moment of watching her run, Go though that mirror, quick look to Mason to make sure no change in his condition, then though the stone mirror.
NoxDraconigena: Stone. K.
NoxDraconigena: The same courtyard appears, but Mason appears to be working alongside the Fae. He quickly rounds up several changelings and hands them over to the Fae, looking rather pleased with himself. The Fae show no real emotion, but look pleased in their own way. Mason is wearing a crest that is obvious Fae in origin, and seems to be a lackey, rather than the hero. The changelings are being dragged, kicking and screaming into the twisting maw of a portal to the Hedge.
Nikki: Mason's apparent age in comparison to the vision from the other mirror.
Nikki: (imagin that had a ? at the end of it)
NoxDraconigena: Exactly the same. The scene is the exact same, location, age of the buildings, time of day and sounds of fighting in the back ground.
Nikki: Look to see if I recognize the Girl as one of the changelings being led to "slaughter."
NoxDraconigena: Indeed.
Nikki: Pay special close attention to her reactions and what she is saying and jog towards the group. I will go towards them until someone notices or until I'm within an arms reach of the closest person.
NoxDraconigena: She seems dejected, but knowing what you're looking for, she doesn't seem to be giving Mason any special notice. Nor does he seem to be giving her any. Roll Composure+Wits.
Nikki: 2
NoxDraconigena: They have no knowledge of who the other one is. They seem to be strangers. And Mason is obviously a traitor.
Nikki: Sorry, I don't think I understand, is that last message the information I'm able to glean from the situation?
NoxDraconigena: Yes.
Nikki: look behind me for a mirror opening.
NoxDraconigena: There be.
Nikki: Through that mirror, quick check on mason, then through the mirror ringed with animal trophies and fur.
NoxDraconigena: This creates a scene of blood soaking and running through the cobblestones, and a Mason, wearing only a kilt, is tearing through Fae and changeling alike. He is obviously berserk and doesn't care who he hurts. It isn't until every last breathing thing is dead that Mason seems to come back to himself and starts sobbing as soon as he realizes what he's done. And for the record, it doesn't appear he knows or can know that you're there.
Nikki: (One of the things I gathered from the middle scene.) Still go to him. If he is standing also standing, if he is kneeling also kneeling.
Nikki: After a moment go though the mirror and stand at mason.
Nikki: Goodie: The Hero. The Trator. The Slayer.
Nikki: lightly run my hand across his cheek
Nikki: Goodie: My Love. They came for your town. What did you really do?
NoxDraconigena: (Three scenes of pain ye have seen. All are true, but none are. Mason needs his mind restored, and you can do that if you figure out the events of that day. Mason was not in the right role in all of the scenes, but all happened.)
Nikki: 2
NoxDraconigena: You know Mason. You know him well. You know he is honorable, loyal, but would not forgive betrayal, and that he is was never a noble.
Nikki: Thinking back to the slaughter, was the woman dead in that scene?
NoxDraconigena: Wits+Composure.
Nikki: 3
NoxDraconigena: She was. She was dead, but she was obviously wearing noble clothing.
Nikki: think back to the 2nd scene, was she bar maid or noble in that one: wits + compsure: 2
NoxDraconigena: Noble.
NoxDraconigena: (The woman. The woman is important. Hurry! She is overwhelming my defenses!)
Nikki: Goodie: She betrayed you didn't she?
Nikki: Goodie: And there was nothing you could do to stop her.
NoxDraconigena: A small glimmer of light appears on his skin.
NoxDraconigena: Mason's mouth moves. "Who... who betrayed me? Who was she?" W+C
Nikki: 3
NoxDraconigena: She wore a crest of the summer court in one of the visions.
Nikki: The Legionnaires (not trying to plurl the word but make it feminine)
NoxDraconigena: Intelligence+Wits.
Nikki: 1
NoxDraconigena: In the vision she was with Mason as a lover, she was the peasent, and he the noble.
Nikki: yeah, but he was in the wrong place and never a Noble, assuming reversed rolls is what I'm at, trying to put a title to her...
NoxDraconigena: Summer crest.....
NoxDraconigena: Noble.
NoxDraconigena: Changeling.
Nikki: summer queen
Nikki: Goodie: Your queen my love...
NoxDraconigena: And who... was I? What did I do? I failed her. failed.....
Nikki: Goodie: You were a fathful servant. And you didn't fail her, she failed you and failed all of them. You saved them from the torment.
NoxDraconigena: As you say the last words, the area around you turns deathly black and you feel a presence behind you. Turning, you see a horrendous woman that cackles as her hands, more claws than fingers, reach out to grab you. A strong, powerful hand grabs the claws and throws the bitch back. "Yeh're gonna get th' fook off m' woman. And yeh're gonna pay for what yeh've done." Mason says, standing at your side. He concentrates and metal appears at his feet, slowly working up his body and bolting onto his arms. His seeming drops and you see him in his angry, glorious rage. He rams forward and slams a metallic shaft, not so much an arm anymore, as metallic, riveted wings sprout from his back. He pounds down on the Hag over and over again, until he's doing nothing more than pounding sloppy chunks of bone and giblets of flesh into the floor. He finally stands and looks at you. You see what happened. He was a lowly blacksmith, and the lover of the Queen. When she betrayed Lyonesse, he wasn't a warrior, nor a noble. He arrived to save her, wielding nothing but a sword. Seeing her betrayal, he killed her and her guards in a beserk rage. And that was where his clarity shattered. He looks down at you and smiles. "H-how? How are you..." He stops, and you can see the same look on his face Jack sometimes gets. His smile turns sad and he nods. "I'm glad t' see yeh, Goodie. Masque tells m' Lyonesse is under fire. Let's go." He says.
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